Fat Removal

The new Medical Aesthetic technology at CitySlim® makes it possible to remove fat permanently and slim specific areas; it targets even the most stubborn far cells that are resistant to physical exercise and diet. I had two suction mechanisms attached to my lower stomach during my 60-minute treatment. The suction mechanisms worked as vacuums, sucking up my fat cells and freezing them. After they were frozen, my lower abdomen was very cold and required a subtle massage to help break down the frozen fat. Once broken down, the fat cells could pass through my lymphatic system. Body Catalyst is in the business of treating stubborn pockets of fat permanently.
Coolsculpt is not a weight loss program however you may notice that your dress or belt will surely fit better. During your procedure feel free to enjoy our cable TV, read a book, watch a movie on your ipad or enjoy our complimentary drinks. No wonder so many people feel confident in the safety of CoolSculpting treatments. We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and best way to lose stomach fat we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment. Zeltiq CoolSculpt first pioneered CoolSculpting technology with the creation and use of cryoplipolysis in 2009. Since inventing this process, Zeltiq’s dominance of the ‘fat freezing’ market was unchallenged for many years, and Zeltiq CoolSculpt thus has the benefit of extensive experience.
For starters, you need to give up alcohol for an entire 24 hours and abstain from caffeine for 2 hours both pre and post treatment, with this in mind I booked my treatment at the end of the day. It’s also recommended that you up your water intake to two litres, to ensure you’re flushing out your lymphatic system. For me that area up for scrutiny was my banana rolls, aka the fat just underneath my butt at the top of my thighs. Meet our highly skilled and experienced team of surgeons supported by passionate and dedicated nurses.

If you’re looking for the best, then look no further – whatever you need, a stylish service is just a phone call away. The Beauty Lipo is located in Fitzroy North and is a fantastic place for all your beauty needs offering the very latest solutions in cellulite, fat loss, body contouring and sagging skin. Fotona4D is a non-invasive laser treatment that can be used for skin tightening. At La Belle Clinic, we offer Fotona laser skin tightening in addition to Fotona laser hair removal to help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.
The most prevalent areas for treatment are love handles and abdomen. The abdomen is broken into four areas, two areas for the upper abdomen and two areas for the lower abdomen. In contrast, Zeltiq CoolSculpt’s new handpiece employs high machine-skin surface contact, needing less suction for highly effective results. Zeltiq cares for their clients and developed this technology to account for different client profiles.

MISS FOX are specialists in non-surgical body and skin enhancement. Our staff are experienced, caring experts in the Venus Legacy treatment. We love what we can do for clients and have seen first-hand the amazing results possible using our systems. Female hormones play important roles in the formation of cellulite. Estrogen hormone stimulates the storage of fat, which is needed for menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation. In addition, during the later phases of pregnancy, estrogen also causes the breakdown of collagen fibres to relax the cervix, making it possible for a woman to deliver her baby.
This treatment is a very safe and effective procedure that has no downtime. While the complete elimination of targeted fat cells takes some time, one can see visible results in the treated area in as less as two months. What’s more, these results could also improve over time, depending upon your specific condition and treatment. Dr Mark Attalla has 20 years of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. All the patients are examined well for their suitability for surgeries and all the required tests are done before fat removal surgery.
Our equipment is medical grade and registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods . Treatment results include body reshaping, improved skin fitness and the reduction of cellulite. When fat tissue is treated by the UltraShape™ device, the focused ultrasound beam is directed towards a specific area within the fat layer. The ultrasound wave causes mechanical disruption of the membranes of the fat cells sparing the blood vessels, peripheral sensory nerves and connective tissue. Since the effect is focused to a specific depth, overlaying skin is not damaged. The fat cell content is safely cleared by the natural metabolic processes.

Patients can lose between 20% to 30% of fat cells in the targeted area permanently just after one treatment. When I think of fat freezing, I think of a large machine magically zapping away those horrid wobbly fat cells. Unlike other devices and treatments that target the fat directly, Emsculpt dramatically increases the metabolic rate of the area around the muscle. Using the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy EmSculpt induces a hypercontraction to the muscles which could never be achieved naturally. During these intense pulses, the muscles release chemicals which signals fat cells in the area to break down their contents and release them as free fatty acids. When these fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, they cause malfunction, and the body naturally excretes them as waste.
It is extremely important that the treatment is done by a experienced clinician, as too much power could hyperstress the muscle. The third cycle induces deliberate contractions that are designed to flush out any toxins or lactic acid unleashed by muscles. The procedure is designed specifically so that there is no build-up or dangers of over-exercising. Emsculpt is a non-invasive and completely safe treatment with no downtime. It is authorised and approved by relevant health institutions in countries all over the world.

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